eCommerce Fulfillment Designed for Scaling Success

from a 3PL that recognizes the importances of starting somewhere.

KTK Fulfillment was created to help your company grow no matter your size. With a background of creating start ups to running logistics for a large corporation, we understand your needs no matter how many orders you ship. You can be guaranteed you won't be just another company on the list.

Third-Party Logistics is your way of saving money and liberating you from the daunting task of inventory storage, warehouse overhead, software management, receiving, order picking and packing, shipping, product kitting, and more.

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Be a Partner Not Just a Customer

At KTK Fulfillment we pride ourself in having a partner relationship with our customers where their success is our success. We utilize our innovative software systems and steep shipping rate discounts to enhance your savings so you can grow and we can grow with you!

But what good is a partner without the perks?

  • Quick Account Setup

    Experience a swift account setup with seamless integration to your website, efficient inventory receiving, and swiftly initiate order shipments to enhance your business operations.

  • Inventory Storage

    Utilize inventory storage to not only minimizes warehouse overhead costs but also streamline the process of receiving inventory, your saving valuable time.

  • Order Distribution

    Optimize your order distribution process with web integration ensuring orders are sent directly to efficient order picking and packing, culminating in low-cost shipping solutions for enhanced business performance.

  • Product Kitting

    Efficient product kitting not only saves time and proves cost-effective in warehousing but also provides invaluable insights into inventory management, ensuring a streamlined and well-organized supply chain.

  • FBA Prep

    Delegate the intricate preparation of your products for FBA, ensuring meticulous handling, labeling, and adherence to Amazon's requirements for a seamless and hassle-free fulfillment process.

  • Shipping Cost Saving

    Maximize savings on shipping costs by joining high order volumes leveraging the strategic partnerships of KTK Fulfillment.

  • Warehouse Management Software (WSM)

    Unlock the advantage of accessing sophisticated and expensive warehouse management software, empowering your business with cutting-edge tools for efficient logistics management.

  • FDA Registered Facility

    Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, thereby guaranteeing that stored and distributed products meet stringent quality standards and consumer safety requirements.

  • Custom Printing Facilitation

    Elevate your brand presence and streamline operations with the printing of custom packaging, drop cards, and brochures, ensuring a professional and cohesive presentation of your products.

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