• Storage

    Each month there is a storage fee for each pallet that we store. Also, per SKU/Item that we have to put into a picking location dedicated to that product.

  • Receiving/Outbound Pallets

    For each pallet that is brought into our warehouse will be counted, sorted through and put away in an orderly fashion. Each pallet will have a fee depending on the number of different SKUs on each pallet.

  • Order/Printing and Pick Fees

    Each order received is charged a flat rate (Order/Printing) with each additional SKU or item quantity adding extra cost (Pick).

  • Custom Projects

    KTK Fulfillment excels at helping where most 3PL's wont. We specialize in unique custom projects where we will work with you to coordinate the best operation to get your product delivered to your specifications and in a quickly manner.

  • Returns

    Whether its damaged product or an incorrect address, we analyze your inventory to make sure it is fit for the next order. We will also work with you to make sure that your order goes out to your customer correctly.

  • Passed On Cost

    When we save you save. We pass on the discounted cost of shipping that we receive. Cost for materials such as tape, boxes, bags, packaging, etc. are passed on but at a discounted price.

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